PZL-104 Wilga in Estonia

by Mark and Judy

PZL-104 Wilga near Narva Estonia

PZL-104 Wilga near Narva Estonia

PZL-104 Wilga near Narva Estonia
Wilga and it's little airport in Estonia
Wilga - and they jumped out of this plane?

The PZL-104 Wilga caught our attention as we were driving on Highway 1 in northern Estonia along the Gulf of Finland. We were driving from Tallinn to Narva which is right on the Russian border.

If you remember, up until 1991, Estonia was part of the U.S.S.R. So when we saw one little airplane in a little airport by the side of the road, we just knew it had to be something we hadn't seen too often if at all!

This little airplane was designed in Poland and built as a short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) aircraft. It's not really an antique airplane.... Production started in 1962 with glider towing and parachute training in mind. They are still being built.... it has even been certified for the U.S. market.

It was fun to stop and see something different on a trip that wasn't really about antique airplanes... in fact it was just plane fun!
    J & M

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Find 'em, See 'em, Fly,'em! And have a great flight!
Judy and Mark

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